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TOP 5 Must Have Big Items for Your Nursery

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We’re back with another exciting article this month! I say we because my wonderful hubby is joining me to write this article!!! HURRAY!!! 😊 We decided with the Holidays coming soon, and the chance of Fall and Christmas Baby Showers, now is a good time to let you know a few of our favorite “Must Haves” for your Nursery!

When you are first dreaming of your Nursery you want to make it just right, to give it that special touch just for your baby. There are so many things to decide, paint colors, themes, safety procedures. . . it’s overwhelming! We thought we’d take some of the guess work out of it for you so you can rest at ease knowing you have the big stuff covered! There are 5 Big Items that you simply can’t live without as a new parent, and one that is a BONUS!!! I can’t wait to jump into these with you, so Daddy take it away!


This item is important as you will spend many nights rocking your baby to sleep, you’ll want something comfortable for those 2 AM feedings! Here’s what we suggest: STORK CRAFT TUSCANY GLIDER AND OTTOMEN.

I personally like gliders for their quietness and ease of motion.


As a new dad, it’s important to pick the safest, and yet coolest dad gadgets! The stroller is super important for transporting your LO, making sure naps on the go are a thing! 😉 Here’s Our recommendation: GRECO MODES PRAMETTE TRAVEL SYSTEM


Investing in a good playpen can save you so much time, and even money! For us we like to plan ahead and made several of our purchases with the long term in mind. If you are planning to have more than one baby, we suggest getting a Playpen/Bassinet combo. We were able to use this Playpen from the time we brought our precious daughter home until around 2 years old before she outgrew it! With this item, the possibilities are endless! Here is our reccomendation: BABY TREND GO LITE ELX NURSERY CENTER, DRIP DROP BLUE

As we near the bottom of the list here are the two items we believe are the most essential for your brand new baby!


Ranking at number 2 is the Carseat! Again guys this is an area where you will want to make sure your spending your money on the safest and longest lasting seat you can find. We suggest the  GRACO EXTEND 2FIT 3 IN 1 CARSEAT  , as this should be the only careseat you will ever need to buy! However keep in mind that with this carseat you cannot take it out of the car, so if you want to have the option of carrying your baby in the carseat you may want to also check out this baby carrier to start with and transition to the bigger seat as your baby grows. So far this has worked AMAZING for our family!


  1. THE CRIB!!!

This is where your child will spend a lot of their life both waking and sleeping. And lets face it sleep is a major area to care for all parties involved. When we were shopping for our Nursery again looking with the end in mind, we found a crib that converts to a toddler bed, and later down the road can also be a twin bed! So if you play your cards right you should not need to buy another bed for your child until they move out!

Just a side note on this, make sure that if you register for one of these on  your baby registry that you also include the additional transition pieces. AND that you get them by the time your child is born so that you don’t have any unfortunate incidents like some friends we have had. Sometimes when you register for a bed set by the time your child is ready for the toddler bed the set you purchased is out of stock or discontinued. SO just make sure that you buy ALL the pieces if you don’t receive them from your shower. 😊 Here is the crib we bought: SORELLE BERKLEY 4-IN-1 CRIB & CHANGER

If it’s not your style just keep in mind the idea of one and done!



This is not a necessity for your Nursery, but it sure is helpful in getting baby to sleep, and having extra places for your baby to be so you can cook dinner, do the dishes, or anything else you would like to do hands free. Here is our recommendation, it even has smartphone capabilities so you can play music for your LO while they are stimulated by the mobile or drift off to sleep. 😊

Well that’s all she wrote for this go round! I hope you enjoyed perusing our selections, and that we sparked some inspiration for your own wonderful Nursery to make it just right for your LO! 😊 If you’re a brand new mom, check out this post for more encouragment and info on parenting! Be sure you join us again next month for our follow up article on the top 5 “Must Haves” for the smaller items! There will even be some things no one ever told you you’d need to have, I can’t wait!!!


Until next time, TTFN

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