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Lexi’s Top 5 At Home Date Ideas for Covid-19

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Hello Again Friends!

First, let me say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the Moms!!! I hope you are thoroughly pampered and loved to pieces! Second, with all that has been going on with COVID-19 it can be hard to find time for yourself, and even harder for you and your spouse to be alone, much less go on a date! We started the year with some self-care tips, check out that post here. Now, I’d like to share some ways that you can have a date night at home!!! 😊

Below are my top five favorite date night ideas for stay at home dates. These have been tested and tried by myself and my husband, and they passed!  Not only are we facing the Shelter in Place Order, but it can be hard on regular terms to go out when you have a LO at home, and you’re on a budget! What better time to dust off the stay at home dating skills than right now? LOL!! I hope you enjoy!


This is THE go-to thing for most couples for dates in general, but it’s especially easy to do at home, and except for possibly renting a movie and/or ordering take out is very budget friendly. Especially when your spouse is tech savvy and budget conscious like mine! 😊 Below I have included some of my favorite ways that we have done this date:


I like this idea as it gives you each a chance to plan and put together a romantic evening! You can either each plan a date night where you pick food and a movie that you like, or you could swap it for even more fun and see just how well your spouse really knows you! <3


This is a fun way to get out of the same old same old “dinner & a movie” rut but keep that classic date night feel. I really like to try new foods, and I am also into foreign films, so this is a great way to marry the two and mix things up a bit! A couple examples would be:

  • Italian Night-Cook or order your favorite pizza or any Italian fair and watch the Godfather.
  • Indian Night-Cook or order your favorite Indian dishes and find a good Bollywood film!
  • If you’re in the mood for something more brooding, how about just drinks and dessert with Casablanca? The possibilities are endless!!! 😀

This is more for my intellectual friends. You can pick whatever food suits your mood and find a good documentary on either a subject you are already in love with and want to know more, or something completely new that peaks your interest solely from the NETFLIX description! Either way you are bonding with your special someone over learning something together. Happy Absorbing! 😉



This is also a fun way to spice things up and get creative with your lover. I enjoy cooking, and eating, but especially when it is something fun to make! I also love trying out new recipes!!! And who better to take that adventure with than the one you love?? Here are my top 3 favorite ways to spin this date:


Classical and elegant, or raw and edgy there’s just something magical about having candles and music together with great food and your best friend!


My favorite times of year to do this date are the spring and fall. It’s great to sit outside on the patio or cozy on the couch and have a fire gently crackling close by! What we have done in the past is to go to Total Wine or your favorite Spirit’s store and find the create your own six pack section. Then you and your partner split the six pack, each picking three beers you’ve never heard of, and grab a few snacks that might be good to roast on the fire! If you are more of a Wine connoisseur find an obscure vineyard you have never heard of, try your favorite type, and pick up some cheese and fancy crackers etc. Then you sit outside and enjoy the weather and the company!!!


Sometimes it’s just more fun to skip to the good part!!! Why not start with dessert first? Pick your favorite dessert to share, and something bold or mellow to compliment your choice. If you’re worried about caffeine later in the evening, then get a good decaf coffee or tea from your favorite brand and enjoy a cup without the aftereffects!


This one is easy…remember when you were a kid? Playing games was always a great way to have some friendly competition and pass the time! Pick your favorite board games, card games, or even video games; pop the popcorn, order the pizza, and let the fun begin!!! I have also done puzzle night if you want something mind stimulating yet less noisy for conversation purposes. 😊


This is one that we came up with recently, we both like going to the Comedy Clubs but with the Shelter in place orders we’ve had to find more creative ways to accomplish this. What we did was to find one of our favorite comedians Specials on Netflix and then have a few drinks and some of our favorite bar type snacks available for munching. This one is a barrel of laughs!! 😉


This one is quite possibly my favorite stay at home date night EVER!!! If you’re a child of the 80’s and 90’s you probably have one of these old mix tapes somewhere in your closet! If not, I’ll explain. Back in the day young couples used to make super sappy “playlists” that they would record onto a Cassette Tape, or CD (depending on which generations you are from) expressing their undying love to one another!

So, I found the new age way to do this is to create a playlist on your favorite music streaming app, and then you can play it for your lover! We had so much fun with this one, we laughed out loud, cried, cuddled, and kissed the night away!!! You can add whatever food or drinks you would like or have dinner with the kids and just simply listen to the music together later. Either way it is a powerful way to rekindle the love and nostalgia of your youth!


This is a variation on the theme above…we discovered in our at home incarceration…I mean staycation…that YouTube has KAREOKE!!! I LOVE singing Karaoke, and what an extra special touch to sing love songs to your lover?!!! (Come on men, I know you have it in you somewhere! Dig deep! I promise you won’t regret it!!! 😉)


Well that’s all I have for now I hope you are all staying safe, and sane! If you’re looking for more fun dating ideas, don’t forget to check out this gem! Until next time, TTFN

Hey Lexi! Signing Off!

As always, if you’ve enjoyed this post please share this with your friends, and don’t forget to leave your questions in the comment section below! I am here for you friend, let me know what you’re struggling with. What are your fears? Together we can face them, find a solution, and encourage one another along the way! Keep up the good work, you are an INCREDIBLE woman and Mom, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! 😀



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  1. This is Awesome Stuff Alex!! Anything to do with movies and a dinner at home is great by me. With this quarantine we are definately grilling a lot more. My kids and I have enjoyed all the trilogies.. lord of the rings, star trek, star wars, any Harrison ford movies. Love u.

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