Maintain Your New Normal whether your sick or traveling

How to Maintain Your New Normal When Life Happens

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We’ve been talking about Finding your New Normal over the last couple of posts. First, we found our own personal New Normal. Next, we discovered our New Normal with our Spouse. Now I want to talk about what happens when Life happens? How do we Maintain our New Normal? Let’s jump in!

When Life Happens

For me things started really feeling normal again when my daughter was 3-4 months old. My husband and I were starting to get the hang of how we were going to share parenting duties (which is a constantly evolving process), I had gone back to work and was working my way into my New Normal Routine as discussed in my Step by Step Guide to Finding Your New Normal. Life was going well. B-)

But what happens when life happens? We all know things can change in an instant! *snapping fingers* People get sick, jobs change, we go on vacation and get out of our normal routines. . .HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN WHAT YOU’VE WORKED SO HARD TO GAIN?!


This was a BIG question for me as a new mom. I am used to getting a lot of sleep and attention when I’m sick, how does having a baby change that? Well I got my first lesson soon after my daughter turned 6 months old. Below are some things I found that helped me to Maintain my New Normal, as well as take care of myself so I could get back to being me faster!

Our Story

My husband and I BOTH got sick at the same time! This was my worst nightmare as a new mom…I had never been sick with a baby before, what were the rules? How could I take care of her and still make sure I was getting what I needed to be able to get well, and THEN on top of that, my helper was down for the count as well!!! ☹ How could we maintain any sense of normalcy for our 6 month old?

This is where having the Village to help you raise the child really comes in handy! We both spent the rest of the day in bed, and my mom came to stay with us that night and the rest of the weekend so that she could take care of our daughter while we took care of ourselves. (God Bless Grandmas!!!)

But if you’re in a situation where you don’t have people around to help you in times of crisis, (which has also happened to me) you can do the following to help you Maintain some Normalcy.

  • Gather All Necessities (i.e. water, Tylenol, blankets, favorite movies etc.)
  • Barricade your child in, and make sure all potential threats are out of reach
  • Find quiet activities to do together, or that will distract them
  • Sleep when they sleep!


How to Maintain Your New Normal While Taking a Family Vacation

Family Vacation,  sounds like a relaxing thing for most people! However when you have a baby or small child it can be a whole different Circus! Again you are facing the change up of your daily routines, and this can be especially stressful for your little one.

For us the first real Family Vacation we took was to visit my husband’s family in Michigan for Christmas when my daughter was about 16 months old. I was SO looking forward to this road trip, as I am completely in love with traveling and especially road trips! This was going to be a whole new section of country for us to see together as a family and my daughter’s very first foray into the wonderful world of travel. Unfortunately, SHE got sick on this go round, and poor baby was throwing up the whole way! ☹

She came around by the time we got to our family’s house but wasn’t 100% her adorable little self till well after we returned home. This challenged my mom skills to the max! I not only had to figure out how to take care of my sweet little pookie on the road (which included many stops and run ins to CVS or Walgreens), but also how to give her some semblance of normalcy once we reached our destination and were out of our normal routines for a whole week! Here are the top five things I found that helped to ease her anxiety and settle her into a new type of normal for the week.

Top 5 Things to Help Maintain Your Child’s Normal Routine

  1. Keep Feeding Times as close to your normal routine as possible including snacks! Also having similar foods on hand that your would normally give them at home is a good idea.
  2. Make sure your baby sticks with his/her normal nap time and bed time schedule as well as making sure you can do some of your routine like you would at home.
  3. Take a few of their favorite toys, and books and always keep them close.
  4. Nursing more often is always a good idea if your baby is still nursing, otherwise keep milk or formula on hand. (This helped both with hydration and comfort for me!)
  5. Make sure your child is not too far from you or your Partner for the first few hours or days until they grow accustomed to their new surroundings. 😊

These tips work well for either scenario above, and can be applied for most situations in which you find your routine is interrupted. You can also try starting your day over at any point. Sometimes I find it helpful to just lay quietly with my daughter if we’re having a rough day and then “wake up” and start fresh. 😉 This gives us both quiet mental time to regroup, and some extra cuddles and snuggles help to soften the mood if things have been tense.

Well that’s all I have for now! Hey Lexi! Signing off.

As always, if you’ve enjoyed this post please share this with your friends, and don’t forget to leave your questions in the comment section below! I am here for you, let me know your pain points, what are you struggling with? Together we can find a solution and encourage one another! Keep up the good work Mama! You’re doing GREAT!!! 😀


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