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How to Maintain Your New Normal When Change Happens

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So continuing on in our quest for Normalcy in our lives, we’ve discussed how to find our New Normal, how to bring that New Normal into our Relationships, and how to Maintain it when Life happens. Today I want to wrap up this topic with How to Maintain Normalcy when Change Happens. Let’s get to it!

Change Happens

There are so many areas that can throw our New Normal for a loop, not the least of which is CHANGE! I don’t know about you, but I felt like just when I have everything figured out my daughter flips the script on me! What worked best for one day may change the next or only work intermittently. How do you maintain normalcy like that? This is something I am especially dealing with currently as my little baby girl grows into a full fledged toddler! :’) Here are the top three things that have helped me the most.

 Take Life One Day at a Time When Change Happens

Thank God that He only gave us one 24 hour period of time to deal with for each day, and sometimes even that seems like to much for me to handle! When life feels overwhelming, you can break it down. Keep your focus on this one day only, and if that’s still to big, break it down further. It helps to ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I need to do today?
  • What do I need to accomplish within the next hour?
  • What is the next right thing I can do for the next five minutes? You can do anything for 5 minutes! 😊

Let this day unfold however it is going to, and let yourself accept whatever happens. Now I’m a planner so I like to have lists and a plan for the day, however sometimes I get so married to my list that I stress myself to the point of tears when things aren’t going according to my plan. So I have to take a step back, take a breath, and let go and let God direct my steps. Life really is much simpler if I can take it One day at a Time, and remember whose really in charge.

Live Life on Life’s Terms

This to me means, that I let my life happen, or take my luck as it comes.  Have you heard the phrase, “Life is what happens while we’re making other plans.”?  I do make my plans, I keep my routines, but I allow some margin in my life. I do this so that as things come up I can address them at that time, and it takes some pressure off of having every minute scheduled.  I make whatever adjustments I need to, and then I keep moving.

For example, my daughter has been waking up earlier and earlier as she’s going through a sleep regression due to making some mental leaps in preparation for her second birthday. At first this was frustrating, but now I take each morning as it comes. I have choices I can make on how I want to handle this regression.

One option is I can go with the flow and take my daughter to nurse in our bed so we can both go back to sleep until we need to be up for work. Another choice is that I can get myself up earlier in anticipation of her being up early, and we can play together if we get done getting ready earlier. Or I can fight and fuss with her trying to get her to do what I want and end up being late even though we were up early. If I adjust myself to what is and accept it, it’s much easier to make a choice that will keep my sanity and be beneficial to both of us.


When Change Happens, Go with the Flow!

It’s easy to feel like your swimming upstream in life, and especially in parenting. When you can apply the above two principles and add in a little letting go, you’ll find that it’s easier to go with the flow of life, and events, than it is to fight the current. I usually ask myself if this is the way I want to remember this part of my life, being uptight, worried, stressed, or angry. Then I can decide how I do want to feel, or what memories I want my daughter and I to share.

I can choose to be peaceful in the middle of all the chaos. I can choose to speak kindly even when I need to communicate my feelings of frustration or anger. This phase will be over before you know it, and I can choose to enjoy it! There’s always something good in every stage of life, as well as the challenges that are presented. Just remember that tomorrow is another day, and you can start fresh with a clean slate! You’re doing great! I’m so proud of you Mama! Just keep going and it will get easier! 😊

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