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Caring for Your Newborn Head to Toe! PT. 2

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Hello again all my beautiful Mamas!

Caring for your newborn is a fulltime job! This month we are continuing our quest for knowledge in Caring for your Newborn from Head to Toe. We left off last month with skin care, so we’ll pick up with Belly Buttons and move on! When we’re done you will have completed Newborn Care 101! 😉 Let’s dive in!

Caring for Your Newborn Belly Button

You may be wondering about how to care for you little one’s belly button, especially since it’s still got the cord stump on it when you bring them home. This looks and seems daunting, but really, it’s not. The stump will fall off in about 7-21 days, so around your baby’s 3 month birthday. All you need to do to keep it clean, and help it fall off naturally is give it plenty of room to breathe and avoid submerging it in water or using alcohol to clean it. NEVER PULL IT OFF!!! No matter how tempting, or how close you think it is to coming off. Once it falls off there may be some blood, or a yellowish liquid, this is ok, and perfectly normal. For more information check out the article below! 😊

Circumcision Care for Your Newborn

To Circumcise? Or Not to Circumcise? That is the Question…

No matter which choice you made you will need to know the proper techniques to keep you little man’s little man clean. 😉

If you chose to Circumcise your Son here are some tips to help keep it clean:

  • Make sure all poop and debris are cleared away from the area at every diaper change
  • Use gentle unscented soap and warm water on a cotton ball to avoid irritation or stinging from wipes
  • Stick to sponge baths until the penis is healed and his umbilical stump falls off
  • Use petroleum jelly or olive oil on the tip whether you use a dressing or not (you’ll want to ask your doctor’s preference on this!)
  • You can use double diapers to put extra padding between your son’s penis and his legs, you can also put ice in between the layers to assist with pain. 😊
  • Some blood and fluids are normal, it’s just a sign your baby’s body is doing its job!

See the article below for more information!

If you chose not to Circumcise your Son here are some tips to help keep it clean:

  • Don’t Force the Foreskin, it will loosen up as they age
  • Teach them as they get old enough to wash gently around the head of the penis to keep it clean
  • Watch for Tightness
  • As they Reach Puberty remind them about penial hygiene and about bacteria that can lead to smegma-a smelly cheese like build up around the head of the penis.

Mostly if you leave the foreskin alone, it is actually a good barrier. Also remain vigilant in talking with your child about hygiene as they grow, and it will work out! Check out this article for more info!

Caring for Your Newborn Bottoms

Diapers & Wipes

Bottoms can be tricky, but that’s why we’re here to help answer your questions and keep you in the know! First order of business is diapers, how to change them, when, and where. I really love Pampers Swaddlers, these are what they gave us in the hospital, but they were also recommended to me by a very dear mom friend who is more experienced than me in these matters! (I LOVE Mommendations!) <3 I really like the indicator line these diapers have, it made it super easy to see when baby needed a change! Next order of business is wipes. . . I like the sensitive skin wipes from Amazon, they are affordable, get the job done, and you can have them shipped to your house!!! (I also recommend getting on auto-ship for diapers, as with Amazon you get 20% off your subscription for diapers, and it’s something you will definitely need EVERY month! 😉 )

How to Keep that booty clean!

Once you have your preferred tools, next in line is learning proper baby changing techniques! Which is there aren’t any really! There are some guidelines, but once you know the basics you just find what works for you and your baby. You always want to clean from top to bottom, and from the cleanest areas out to the dirtiest that way you can minimize the spread of mess and germs. Other than that, you just gotta get in there and don’t be afraid to get dirty…cause it will happen…unfortunately! 😉

A fun story about this is the first time I ever gave my daughter a bath at home…it was maybe our 2nd or 3rd day home from the hospital. I got everything ready, we were doing a sponge bath as she still had her cord stump, and as soon as I took the diaper off…SPLOOSH!!! POO EVERYWHERE!!! All over my white night gown!!! ROL!!! 😀 Yup, she christened me into motherhood, literally!

Oh, the Places they’ll go!

So, one anxiety I had as a brand-new Mama was what to do when we were out in public and needed to change a diaper. Most places have changing tables, but to be honest they aren’t the cleanest surfaces…even in nice establishments. I usually ended up putting down our portable changing pad everywhere, and I do mean everywhere! We’ve changed diapers in the back of our Van, on the floor, behind a podium…the list goes on. One thing to realize is that most people understand, as they probably either have kids, have had kids, or are thinking about having kids. You’ll find a few sour pusses, but for the most part people understand that when you gotta go, you gotta go, and that goes for babies as well! 😊

Caring for Your Newborn with Butt creams

I have used two different creams and really liked them both. I LOVE the BABY Aquafer for a regular everyday cream, and would highly, HIGHLY recommend this product. It was recommended to me by a mom of 3, and daycare professional for over 30 years! I also like the Desitin Maximum Strength Baby Diaper Rash Cream with Zinc Oxide for those really yeasty rashes. Another good tool to keep on hand for diaper rash is Lotrimin. This secret was also passed on to me by the same woman above. The trick is to put a little Lotrimin on the rash itself, and then cover the entire bottom with your preferred diaper cream, and voila! Happy Baby! 😊 OH! And before I forget you will want to invest in a Baby Bum Brush, this product saved my life as a new mom!!! You’ll never have to worry about diaper cream under your finger nails again!!!

Baking soda baths

I found this VERY helpful when my daughter had bad diaper rashes and couldn’t seem to get relief.  I would put a few sprinkles of baking soda in a warm bath, just enough water for her to sit in, and in a day or so the rash was gone! Plus, the warm bath would soothe her, and we would both feel much better when we were done! 😊

Caring for Your Newborn Fingers & Toes

Another scary topic for new moms is nail clipping. The safest thing to do for newborns is to use an emery board and gently file your baby’s nails for fingers and toes. This is more tedious, but you are less likely to cut them, you just need to be mindful you’re not filing the tender skin under the nail bed. I also used my teeth to clip my daughter’s nails, until I felt she had grown big enough, and I was confident in my own abilities with baby clippers to use them on her. Baby nails are not as thick as adult nails, so it is easier to bite them off evenly than it is for our own nails. 😉

You can also make sure that you use Newborn mittens to protect your baby from themselves. They also double as good teething tools, and you can even find some that stimulate visual learning with patterns and colors!!! Check them out here.

Keeping Your Newborn Warm

There are all sorts of things out there to keep babies warm:

But how do you know if your baby is to hot or too cold? Since they can’t tell you, a good rule of thumb is that if you are hot, they might be as well and vice versa. It was recommended to me by a wonderful Nurse at our hospital, Nurse Tammy, that for the first few weeks until my hormones calmed down it might be best to go by dad’s thermometer as mine would be out of whack for a little while. So, when in doubt ask your partner or another person in your environment to see if they feel too hot or too cold.

You’ve got this Mama! You’re doing a great job caring for your newborn!!! Look at all we’ve learned in just a couple months! Just take it slow, one day at a time and before you know it, you’ll be a pro! 😊

Be sure to tune in next month for my wonderful interview with a mother of 11 children, Ruth Schwendemann! I think she might know a thing or two she can share some wisdom on with us! I’m really looking forward to sharing her with you and learning some great new insights myself!!! Also if you missed last month’s post, check it out here!


Hey Lexi! Signing Off!

As always, if you’ve enjoyed this post please share this with your friends, and don’t forget to leave your questions in the comment section below! I am here for you friend, let me know what you’re struggling with. What are your fears? Together we can face them, find a solution and encourage one another along the way! Keep up the good work, you’re a TERRIFIC Mommy!!! 😀


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