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Caring for Your Newborn Head to Toe! PT. 1

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Caring for your newborn is a fulltime job! In this article we’ll cover how to Care for your Newborn from Head to Toe! As a New Mom you may have many questions, feel very overwhelmed, and just want to get some sleep! Well you’re in the right place Mama! I’m here to help you answer those questions, find time and space for yourself to relax and get some sleep! Caring for your newborn can be so daunting with so many new things to learn! How often do you feed them, bathe them? What do you bathe them with? When they get a rash or have dry skin…what then? Let’s look at some of these questions!


Treating Cradle Cap

Cradle Cap is a normal occurrence in Newborns and looks like yellowish crusty or oily patches on the scalp. Most of the time this will go away with no special treatment. If it persists or becomes infected then you will need to seek medical attention. The best way I found to get rid of Cradle Cap was to simply brush my daughter’s hair with a special brush when washing her hair as normal. Then I put coconut oil or olive oil on after patting her skin dry. You can check out the article below for more information!

Caring for Your Newborn’s Ears

When caring for your Newborn, ears can be a tricky thing as they are so tiny! I found it best to do this during bath time with a warm wet washcloth that has been rung out well. You can gently clean the outer ear this way, don’t put the washcloth inside the ear canal! If you’re baby has wax inside the ear you can try putting a few drops of olive oil in the ear a few times a day to help the wax dislodge. If this doesn’t help within a couple days talk to your pediatrician or pharmacist for the next steps.

Caring for Your Newborn’s Eyes

Always make sure your hands are clean when caring for your newborn, and especially when touching around their eyes. Then you can use a similar approach as with the ears and nose. Take a clean warm wet washcloth, or cotton ball and start at the bridge of the nose gently wiping outward. If your baby has crusty eyes or a blocked tear duct etc. you can do a firm but gentle massage (ask your doctor for proper techniques) of the affected duct.

Another effective remedy in caring for your newborn’s eye guk is to apply some of your own breast milk. This can be done with a washcloth, cotton ball, or you can put a drop or two directly on the affected area. As with anything else if the symptoms persist for longer than a day or so seek medical care from your pediatrician. You can also check out this article for more information!

Caring for Your Newborn’s Nose

Besides just keeping the outside of the nose clean, the trikier part of nose care for newborns is getting the snot out! The best thing I found for this was using Saline drops and a NoseFrida. I know that this method seems weird and gross at first, but I found this to be a less agitating way to help my daughter when she was congested than the traditional aspirators, or bulb syringes. There were even times when I could use the NoseFrida when my daughter was asleep and she wouldn’t wake up!(This was a huge plus in my book!!!)

I have used both, and as she got older the bulb syringes started to work better, although she still doesn’t like them. It comes down to comfortability and personal preference when choosing what baby products work best for your baby. This is just my experience and what I chose to do with my baby, you’ll make the right choice for you and your family. You’re already such a great Mom! 😀

Relieving Your Newborn’s Congestion

Other ways to relieve congestion besides just cleaning out the nose include some of the following. You can:

  • Elevate your baby’s head by letting them sleep in their swing or putting a pillow or rolled up towel under their mattress at bedtime.
  • You can also use Steam or a cool Humidifier to assist with helping ease your baby’s congestion.
  • Make sure they stay well hydrated.

My go to for any situation is always breastfeeding. I would give my daughter extra little sips and snacks when she wasn’t feeling well or had anything out of the ordinary. It just helps to soothe both of you, and more vitamins and nutrients can’t hurt! 😉

Caring for Your Newborn’s Hair

You can start brushing or coming your baby’s hair at any time. You just want to make sure that you have a soft bristle brush or a wide-toothed comb, so you won’t cause discomfort by pulling or snagging on any tangles in your baby’s hair. Also, you don’t have to wash your baby’s hair every day, and in fact for me I found that my daughter has a scalp more like mine where too much washing dries it out and causes more flakes and itching. Also, there is not real need to scrub your child’s head, even if they have cradle cap, a gentle brush while washing will work wonders! 😊

I found this video to be helpful in demonstrating overall how to clean a baby’s face, check it out!

Newborn Skin care

Newborn skin is sensitive and really doesn’t need an elaborate skin care regimen. A good rule of thumb is less is more. Baby’s don’t really do much in the first few weeks and months of life that warrant bathing everyday like we do. They also don’t sweat as much as older children or adults. You don’t want to over do with bathing and strip your baby’s natural oils out of their skin, so bathing your baby 1-3 times a week is plenty!

You may notice that your baby develops red bumps or has a lot of peeling dry skin. This is completely normal in the first few weeks of life, so don’t worry mama! These issues will typically resolve themselves within a couple weeks. If they persist then let your pediatrician know and they can guide you in your next steps of care. 😊

Lotions potions and more

There are so many baby products out there to choose from, how do you know which ones are the best to use?? For myself and my family I am a Nature girl. I like natural remedies, holistic approaches to health and beauty, as well as homeopathy. So when caring for my newborn I used Coconut Oil and Olive Oil as hydrating agents as there is no dyes, chemicals, or perfumes.  They also make great carrier oils if you’re into Essential Oils in health remedies! We used these for her entire first year of life, and I also used them on myself, since I seemed to be allergic to most Lanolin products during breastfeeding. Worked like a charm! 🙂

Now that my daughter is older, I use the Baby Magic Calming with Lavender & Camomile bath wash and lotion to help calm my little one before bedtime. Dove also has some great products as well as Mustela and Aveeno. The important thing is to not over do it with skin care for babies, you’ll know what you need when you need it.

You Got This Mama!

All in all, it comes down to trial and error as with so many things in parenting! Trust your gut mama, you will know what is right for your baby. Just keep taking things one at a time and you’ll be feeling more confident in your mom skills in no time! For More great information check out my post The New Mom’s guide to Parenting.

Well, that’s all I have time for this go around, but be sure to tune in next month and we’ll continue this topic of caring for your newborn. We’ll pick up with belly button care to bottoms and beyond! Also, I am going to be doing an interview soon with the lovely Ruth Schendemann, a wonderful Mom of 11 children, you won’t want to miss it so be on the lookout! I hope you found this information helpful and encouraging. Until next time friend!


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