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Balance-5 Thoughts to Help You Find it as a New Mom

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This month I have a special treat for you guys, we’re going to be talking about Balance! One of our very own readers has shared some of her personal struggles as a new mom and I’d like to pass them along to you with some advice on how to overcome them! This month’s article topic comes from, Tara J. from DENTON, TX! Thank you, Tara, for your vulnerability and your food for thought!


Tara shared with me that one of her main struggles as a new mother was finding a way to balance all her responsibilities and a new baby. Also, she was not feeling very confident in her momming skills. First, I want to validate her, and any new mothers out there right now, this is a very common struggle! It’s hard to find your balance when your whole life has been turned upside down! If you’re in this struggle right now, check out my article on Finding Your New Normal here.

Also, I know I certainly struggled with feeling confident in my mom abilities when I first brought our daughter home. Transitioning from being the child to being the mother feels SO weird! But the beauty of motherhood is that we are not alone! Having my mother there to help me as well as my mother-in-law was a real lifeline for me. I know not everyone is blessed to be able to have family close by, but you can find mom friends, join mom groups, and of course we’re always here!!! 🙂 One of the main reasons I created this blog was to build a community of moms that encourage each other and pass on knowledge and comfort to new mothers as we all grow together! If that’s you, WELCOME! Mom Life is hard, but it’s a true thing of beauty! 🙂



One of the best gifts you can give to yourself and everyone around you in this season is to give yourself a lot of grace and be patient with yourself. Extend patience to your spouse, your baby, and your circle of friends. This is a big change and it will take time to grow into it!


Ladies I know that it is easy to get focused on yourself and your new baby and poor daddy gets left out in the cold. Try to remember that he is learning and growing too. He has also gone through a lot with the pregnancy and birth of your baby so give him some extra grace and space to grow into his new role as well! Having a baby will change you both in more ways that you can imagine, but so far for my family it has been for the better! 😊


Your baby is learning things about you while you are learning about them. You are in this thing together! I know everything feels daunting, and there are so many decisions to make, but just breathe mama, you are doing great! The good news about the first few years of life is that we really don’t remember much! I like to think God did that on purpose! He knows we need a few years to really find our footing as mothers. 😉 I know that after almost 3 years of being a mom I still have my moments of doubt, but I am much more confident in my ability today to do what’s right for my child than I was on day one, so hang in there!


T-I-M-E, this is the only thing that will bring the wisdom we so crave as new mamas. As humans we seem to learn best from experience, and babies provide ample opportunities for growth! 😊 Whatever your fear is today in a week, or a year you’ll look back and laugh. I remember being so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to connect with my precious daughter, and now we’re almost inseparable!

I think one of my favorite parts about being a mom is that most things are just skills that you can learn. That really gave me hope that being a mom wasn’t just some gift only for certain types of women. We all have mothering in us, and having a child brings it out! If you are worried about not knowing something take some classes, read some books, talk to other mothers, PRAY! There is a wealth of knowledge out there, and I hope to add to it in my own way! 😊


You really are doing an awesome job mama! You will know what you need to know when the time is right. The Bible says that even before we knew our children, God knew them. He knit them together in our wombs, and He gave them to you to raise at this time, and in this place! If you have questions about how to raise your child, ask Him. He is always available, and always knows exactly what to say! Trust yourself, your instincts, and your Creator! He is a wealth of strength and comfort to help you find your balance, just place your hand in His. Together WE CAN DO THIS!


Have a wonderful rest of your month, and HAPPY SUMMER! B-)


Until next time, TTFN

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