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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I have a special treat for us this month! I have a wonderful friend, Alison Mills, the owner of Alison Paige Photography who is giving us an inside look at her business along with a special offer for you all! *SQUEE!!!* I met Alison through a mutual friend when I was expecting my first daughter, and looking for someone to do my Maternity Photos, we hit it off immediately. 😊 Since then she has done our Newborn Photos, and 1-year photos of our beautiful baby girl, and I’m looking forward to doing my Maternity Photos with her again for my second Child! 😊

Meet Alison Mills-Alison Paige Photography

Alison is an artist at heart and has always loved photography. She was in Photography Club in High School and went on to study Photojournalism at Texas Tech in Lubbock TX. Following her time at Texas Tech she worked as an intern with Wyman Meinzer who is the State Photographer of Texas! Besides these wonderful opportunities she also did the Pageant Circuit Winning Miss Teen Arlington in 2005, Miss Permian Basin in 2006, and Miss South Plains in 2007. In 2008 Alison officially struck out on her own and branded herself ALISON PAIGE PHOTOGRAPHY. She considers herself to be a Classy Photographer who loves Adventure! Then she met her husband, fell in love, got Married and moved to Flower Mound Texas when her daughter was 9 months old. *whew!*

“Having kids made me a better Photographer.”

-Alison Mills

Starting Over

It was difficult starting over in a new town, re-building a client base, and raising a family. But Alison said once they had been here about a year, things really started to take off in the DFW Metroplex! “Having Kids made me a better Photographer.” She shared with me how being a mom gave her new compassion and insight with Women and Families. “I learned how to talk to children, and really capture their attention. It also taught me how to make women feel more confident and comfortable in front of the camera.” My own experience with her over the last few years confirms this truth, and you can see it in all her work.

I was nervous about taking Maternity photos but knew I wanted to capture this special time in my life…I just felt huge, and awkward, and not at all like myself. (As any woman can tell you it’s very strange not to be in control of your own body!!! Invasion of the body snatchers wasn’t so far off the track…I digress…) The minute we got out of the car at our location I felt at ease and like I was just walking around with a good friend. And my pictures turned out beautifully! See for yourself below!

Alison Paige Photography-Photos                                                                                                                                                                                         1 Year Old Picture of a Girl in Pink Shirt and Sunglasses Eating Cake

1 Year Old Picture of a Girl in Purple Dress and Fairy Wings

Family Portrait of Mommy and Daddy Kissing 1 Year Old Baby In Purple Shirts

Maternity Photo of a Girl in a Yellow Maternity Shirt with Long Hair Maternity Photo of an Expecting Couple Kissing with Heart Hands                                                                                                                      Newborn Photo of a Baby Girl in a Red bow on a Camo Blanket

Special Offer

Now for the BEST part of the whole article!!! Alison has agreed to give $25.00 off any of her Family Portrait Packages just for you my readers!!!!!!! 😊 All you have to do is go to her Social websites: or  and mention that Hey Lexi! sent you, and you’ll receive $25.00 off of any of her packages, and just in time for Christmas!!! Also if you’re feeling stressed about the holidays, don’t forget to check out my article on Prioritizing your time durring this season!

I have so loved sharing one of my friends with you all, and I can’t wait to see your photos!!! If you take advantage of this sweet deal, please send me your photos to share with our readers, and don’t forget to leave Alison a great review!!! 😊

Until next time, TTFN

Hey Lexi! Signing Off!

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