About Me



Hey, I’m Lexi!


I’m SO happy you’re here! I’m a mommy of one sweet Angel girl, married to my soul mate, and learning how to raise our beautiful family together, fur children included! 😉

It took me a while to decide I wanted to have children, and then I was terrified of making mistakes, and thought “what if I’m not cut out to be a mom?” Then God blessed us with our Sweet baby girl, and my whole world changed! Now I am completely in love, and wonder why I waited so long?!

I am a Practical Parent, looking to Learn, Laugh, and Grow along with You!


I would love to share my my experience, strength, and hope so you can be strengthened and encouraged in your Mom Journey.  Even when it’s not perfect, we can find the Joy in all Motherhood has to offer.

My blog is to help New Moms, and New Again Moms to be encouraged, and find the Joy in Motherhood as they begin this Amazing Journey!

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Let’s get Growing!

xoxo, Lexi